Backstage at the Danish Music Awards with United Makeup Academy.



The United Makeup Academy team were working backstage last weekend at the Danish Music Awards. It was very busy but loads of fun.

Key products were Maybelline color tattoo and Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. MAC Hush cream color base and Prep and Prime Powder. Oribe Gel Serum, Maximista, Sculting Cream and Dry texture spray.

No TV show goes by with out the team using airbrushed foundation, this is one thing I insist that the whole team use as it is so important for HD TV.

There are many artists, band members, dancers and presenters involved in the DMA so I have a puzzle to sort out before we start with the make-up. Everyone needs to know what they are doing and when they should be in the makeup chair.

Here Line, Mia and I are going over the plan.

I like to have the whole team in one place so I know exactly where on the makeup plan we are and how many more we have to do. This means it can get a little tight when we are busy.We also got a helping hand from the ever creative Medina in the makeup room who joined in the fun.

Stylist Christian Schleisner backstage with Alphabeat’s Stine.

Mia with Nabiha

Before the show starts there are a lot of rehearsals, this was the final sound and camera check with Aura, Nabiha and Stine.
Stine waiting to go on stage.
Nik & Jay with Mads Langer.
Thomas Helmig.United Makeup Academy’s Pernille &  Josephine ready for touch ups.
My dear friend the beautiful Saseline, watching the show.
It was a great evening with such a wonderful team to work with, thanks to you all.
For more pictures you can check my instagram- nicciwelsh.

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