Simply beautiful – Trash Couture

Our 1st show of today was Trash Couture, it seems like only minutes ago but it was a full 14 hours ago from when we started. It has been crazy busy but everyone has enjoyed it. We have been working with the new ghd products and below the pictures is a little piece about the show.

The inspiration from the designers was very baroque. “ The look is a stark contrast between the clothes and the hair. I wanted a style that would help show case the designers work and not compete with it. I love luxurious textures and wanted to add a silky smoothness to the hair but at the same time give it a simple detail. The knot at the back was the perfect result.


Straight and tame cream

Straight and smooth spray

Smooth and finish Serum

Finishing fix

Natural bristle radial brush size 2

Oval dressing brush

Gold Max Styler

Get the look:

Apply straight and tame cream and then straight and smooth spray to damp hair.

Blow dry the hair with a ghd natural bristle radial brush and then straighten using a ghd styler.

Brush the hair back with ghd’s oval dressing brush into a ponytail.

Apply Smooth and finish Serum

Tie the hair in a knot and secure with pins.

Apply Finishing fix to hold in place.

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