Love the look – Gaia

We finished our day with Gaia yesterday and I love this look. Gaia and I have been talking for weeks now about what we should do and have had a few laughs along the way testing out some different ideas. We finally came up with something that we both thought was great. I hope you do to?????

I’ll give you some tips on how we went about it but before here are a few behing the scenes pictures.

Gaia Brandt SS 12 collection “ For this look I combined textures to emphasize the different styles we can create in with hair. The look is two hairstyles in one, inspired by Gaia’s own vision of the strong woman who has a boyish dress sense. A feminine approach with a graphic finish.”


Straight and smooth spray

Smooth and finish Serum

Finishing fix

ghd paddle brush

Oval dressing brush

ghd Gold Max Styler

Get the look:

Apply straight and smooth spray to damp hair.

Blow dry the hair with a ghd Paddle brush and then straighten using a ghd styler.

Apply Smooth and finish Serum

Put in a side parting and tie into a ponytail using the oval dressing brush.

Add some fun extensions to the top to give a two-tone effect.

Apply Finishing fix.

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