Fashion week brush off

I have been preparing all day with some of the team. We are using a lot of extra hair for some of the shows and have been finding the right colours. I love the company “hair contrast” as they have some really great quality hair extensions and perfect colours.
We got so wrapped up with working we forgot to each lunch. That’s how it is when you’re having fun.
The looks are very different so we have been trying out the new products from ghd to give us the texture we need. The root lift spray mixed with total volume foam is a big hit with us.
I am also in love with their new brushes. The oval dressing brush is perfect for dressing out.

Here are a few of the ones I’ll be using:

I have the natural bristle radial is size 2 to blow dry with when I want root lift and smooth out the hair. The ceramic vent radial brush is when I want to add movement such as waves or soft curls. The oval is also great for perfect ponytails and a paddle brush for a straight easy blow dry.

I can’t show you any of the looks just yet but they are on their way 🙂

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