Sisse Marie – Dirty hands video

For this video ”Dirty hands” by Sisse Marie, we did 5 different looks. Both hair and makeup was changed for all the setups in the video. We used a lot of different products and techniques to make Sisse look amazing. Mia Ristorp who is key makeup artist for Nicci Welsh and United Make-up Academy designed all 5 looks.

For the hair we have used Oribe products and a strong blowdry technique to make sure that her hair looks great and stayed in place throughout the whole video. We have both used Sisses own hair and a lot of extensions to create these different looks.

In the makeup a lot of different products and techniques are used. From different Mac pigments, a lot of our favoritte Bobbi Brown gel-eyeliner to Swarovski rhinestones, airbrushing and bodypaining.

United makeup academys students were backstage through out the whole video where they did a lot of hair and makeup and helped out making Sisse look stunning at all times.

Here are some backstage pictures and the amazing video ”Dirty hands”.

Sabrina and Pil from our October class making sure Sisse is looking perfect.

Mia – key makeup artists for NIcci Welsh and United Makeup Academy putting the final touches to this look.

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