Dansk Fashion Awards – UMA talent team gets ready for the black carpet with Oribe.

UMA talent team (which is made up from our graduated students) was at the academy working on some of the guests for Dansk fashion awards. They were using products from Oribe and the results look really great.

Some of you have been asking what we use for this type of styling. We have included some behind the scene pictures and how we got the look.


Micha from our last class gets to work on Saseline’s hair. The hair was prepped with Oribe Creme for Style and blow dried. Then curled using a 16″ curling iron on one side. A Mason Pearson brush was used to brush through and then Oribe Super fine hairspray to keep in place. Isabell from our August class applied a classic make-up of black liner and deep berry lipstick.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray

Stine from Alphabeat.
Stine’s hair was prepped with Oribe Gel Serum, dried and curled with 16″ curling tong. Soft lacquer was then sprayed all over and the hair was modeled into waves.

Eva’s hair was blow dried using Royal Blowout, then added Dry texture spray to the ends before shaping into a messy bun.

Eva Harlou Troelsen.

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