Bobbi Brown

United Makeup Academy have just been to an update with Bobbi Brown and we have been introduced to some fabulous new products that Bobbi will launch this season. We will give you a little taste of the Bobbi philosophy and later in the season show you some of the products that we will be seeing this year.

Although Bobbi is all about great skin and natural beauty, the way Bobbi Brown likes to put it is “Bobbi is not about natural makeup but about the right makeup” and the answer to that is “It has to be Pretty” Which is also the umbrella for their slogan for this coming collection “20 Pretty Powerful Years”.

In this collection we will see stronger lip-colors, an advanced skin repair serum, intense eyeshadows for the smokey look, a developed and amazing corrector and concealer system, a powder-foundation and much much more.

Their expert makeup artist Eduardo Ferreira, Director of Artistry demonstrated a look for the season: “Smokey eyes that has to be Pretty”. The word Pretty is significant to the Bobbi Brown brand since they believe you can do any type of makeup as sheer or dramatic as you like, as long as it´s done Pretty !

Two of the products that you can already find in the stores today is their

1. New Extra Repair Serum
Key element for this serum is that it has been created to give en extra repair for woman who want moisturization and repair in one.

2. Rich Lip Color spf 12
Key factor for these lipsticks is the formula. It combines pigments with a colorless lipstick base. Gives full coverage without a heavy feeling.

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