Classic Eyeliner:

Eyeliner comes in many different styles but here we would like to introduce you to the “classic eyeliner” and hopefully make it a easier for anyone to apply this beautiful art to your eye.

Angelina Jolie is one of many who is almost always seen with this type of eyeliner. She carries it in many different variations:

All you need is a gel or liquid liner, preferably  black. Then you need your favorite eyeliner brush that gives you a firm and precise result. Often an angle brush will do the job for you.

Start at the inner-corner making the point of your angle brush facing your nose. As you come to the center of your eye, turn your brush so the point is facing towards the opposite direction and finish your eyeliner to the outer part of your eye.

If you want a litlle definition at the end, wing out the end so you get a little curve making your eye look a bit longer and sexy.

If you have small eyes, you can start from the middle and out leaving the inner corner open to make your eye appear larger and longer.

Here are some close-up´s to follow:

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