Curl with a straightening iron.

Mark Fast pre spring collection provides United Makeup Academy students and you some great inspiration for the undone curl. Here are a few tips to get a soft natural curl.After blow drying your hair using a soft holding product like a styling spray add a heat protector all the way through from roots to ends.

Start at the back and section your hair so you can work from the underneath up. Take a section of hair into your staightener and twist it round 360 degrees. Slide the straightener all the way down to the ends of the hair. You should have created a soft curl. Repeat all the way through your hair. The small the section the more curl you create, the larger the section the more wave you create like the look from Mark Fast.

Remember have fun, it’s just hair, if you don’t like it you can wash it out.


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One Response to Curl with a straightening iron.

  1. chloebutcher says:

    Woohoo!! This is where I’m going to get all my hair lessons!
    Site looks great, going to add you to my blogroll.

    Love Chloë

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