Get the look. Brystgalla 10 Camilla Ottesen

I’ve been asked how to get the look that Camilla is wearing for 2010 Brystgalla. Here are a few of the things we used.

The dress is Boss Black AW10 collection as you can see below.


I have only just seen the picture above when I was researching this post. I can’t believe that we styled Camilla’s hair almost exactly the same as the catwalk look. I always try to keep my looks very fashion inspired even when I am doing something for TV. If I had seen the picture I would have still styled it in the same way as I think it works really well with the dress 🙂

The hair I used the following products:

Oribe – Gel Serum and Superfine hairspray. I blow dried Camilla’s hair using the gel serum and then placed it in pin curlers and let it cool down. Then I put in a little back combing with my Mason and Pearson pocket size brush. I pined the whole look into place in a messy type of a french pleat. The finishing touch was superfine hairspray as I ran my fingers through keeping the look a little undone.

Makeup was inspired from a few days ago where we talked about eyeliner. Using Long wear gel from Bobbi Brown. The skin was kept super shinny with MAC strobe and a splash of Silver Dust.

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