MAC Mascara

Pro lash: This mascara is a great lengthning mascara that gives a  very natural look. It is great for daytime use and you can always add two layers if you want your lashes to look more intense.
– Great for a natural beauty look.

Pro Lash

Haute & Naughty: This is the newest two-in-one mascara from MAC. You can make your lashes very natural and defined or you can get a full drama look with lots of volume.
-Great for catwalk or an intense smokey eye. Or for a natural defined look.

Haute & Naughty Lash

Zoom fast black lash: This mascara has carbon pigment in, that makes your lashes even more black and intense than a normal mascara. It is a very creamy mascara that makes it really easy to apply. You can make really thick, dramatic lashes with lots of volume.
-With only one layer it is good for beauty or you can add more layers for smokey eyes.
Zoom Fast Black Lash
Opulash: This mascara has a really big brush, for those who want long, rich and big lashes, but still defined. It contains fibers that goes around the lashes to make them thicker.
-Great for catwalk and party!!


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